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"Tanzanian students: All different backgrounds, all capable of reaching their goals: Your education is your future"


We asked ourselves, students and teachers across the country “Why do many Tanzanian students find it difficult to pass secondary school successfully?” What we have learned is that there are no fun practice materials, lack of access to extra materials, no motivation, lack of English language, among other factors.

This project aims to create education material that synthesizes NECTA exam topics to make it easier for students to absorb information.

  • Short, easy to absorb notes

  • Swahili & simple English

  • Practice topics you want 

    • Motivating methods & games you like

    • Culturally appropriate games including drafti etc.

    • Discuss with Tanzanian students in our forum

    • Ask questions and teachers will respond with a video explanation

  • Create group with friends & score points together!

  • Yearly prices to win: school books & meet and greet